Tabitha Middleton

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The endocannabinoid (ECB) system has been found throughout the central nervous system and modulates cell excitability in various forms of short-term plasticity. ECBs and their receptors have also been localized to all retinal cells, and cannabinoid receptor activation has been shown to alter voltage-dependent conductances in several different retinal cell(More)
We investigated the effects of conditions often encountered during handling, transit, and storage of blood specimens on the quantity of detectable human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) RNA in plasma. HIV RNA copy numbers were measured with a commercially available assay (the Amplicor HIV-1 Monitor test kit). Variables examined were the time to processing of(More)
Crop simulation models (CSMs) are mathematical, computer based representations of crop growth and interaction with the environment. They play an important role in scientific research and resource management, and have been used to help students understand, observe, and experiment with crop systems. At the start of a new decade, it is timely that an(More)
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