Tabitha James

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Approximately 80% of prison inmates are reported to be functionally illiterate. We hypothesized that poor single word decoding (the chief feature of dyslexia) accounts for a significant percentage of that rate. We studied 253 subjects selected randomly from more than 130,000 Texas prison inmates. Among them, we conducted a cross-sectional sample survey of(More)
IN a profession as rich in proud tradition as medicine is, it is not only an honour but a special privilege to participate in any commemoration of our heroes. Robert Campbell was clearly one of these, a man who combined in an exemplary way the skill and compassion of his professional work with an abiding love of scholarship and culture. In his own Campbell(More)
Serotonin activates a cardiogenic hypertensive chemoreflex. During this reflex, sympathetic efferent neural discharges were examined in 10 anesthetized dogs. Thoracic nerves were identified, severed distally, and placed across electrodes. The efferent neurogram was recorded along with an electrocardiogram and blood pressure and stored on tape. Neurograms(More)
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