Tabatha Verbick

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Feeling pins-and-needles in your fingers, having a sore back, blurry vision or aching wrists are common symptoms for many employees in the technology field. Such aches and pains are often warning signs that significant injuries are just one more mouse click away. Until recently, such ailments have not traditionally been considered common symptoms for(More)
In 1987, Northwest Missouri State University implemented the first comprehensive networked campus in the nation at a public university in an effort to prepare its faculty, staff and more than 6,000 students for the emerging information-driven society. Northwest's Electronic Campus Program, which was heralded by the Washington Post[1] and USA Today[2] as(More)
<b>TECHNOLOGY NERDS NEED NOT APPLY!</b> Politically-incorrect? Certainly. But that bold statement ought to be at the top of every Student Computer Lab Consultant university job description in the nation. While a solid technological base is desirable when hiring a computer lab consultant, communication and interpersonal skills are far more crucial than(More)
Northwest Missouri State University has provided a computer in each residence hall room for almost 20 years. Northwest started with terminals in each room and later progressed to personal computers with Internet connectivity. As Northwest evolved its network and Internet connectivity, the technology and Internet services available to individuals in their(More)
Most notebook universities have a process to provide notebook computers for a large portion of its students. The universities charge each student a notebook fee which is typically around $1,000 per year. Usually, each university owns or leases the computers and tries to replace them every two years. Northwest Missouri State University has implemented a(More)
Making incoming students aware of university computing policies is often taxing. Beyond the challenge of awareness is the difficulty in enforcing computing policies, especially in residence halls, where many students have the attitude of "I did it at home. Why can't I do it here?" In this paper, the authors discuss how Northwest Missouri State(More)
Catching and keeping quality student employees is often a difficult endeavor and a dilemma that many supervisors must face as students look off campus for commercial employment opportunities that net higher monetary benefits.Attracting and retaining good student employees is often a simple matter of providing them with professional and personal development(More)
Seeing the need for quality paraprofessional development, Northwest Missouri State University's Residential Life department created a curriculum based student staff development plan. Due to its success, Northwest's Information Systems department, who jointly supervise the PERT (Peer Educators in Residence for Technology) student staff with Residential Life,(More)