Taariq Mullins

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These studies were conducted to examine the influence of several variables on the growth hormone binding protein (GHBP) activity in serum of pigs. Continuous long-term porcine somatotropin (pST) injections (daily for 6 to 7 wk) increased GHBP activity (P less than .05). However, periodic short-term pST injections (daily, every 2nd d, or every 4th d for 2(More)
The simple network monitoring protocol (SNMP) is currently seen as the de-facto standard for network monitoring in IT settings. It is usually used in conjunction with tools such as Cacti, Zabbix and Zenoss to provide most of the features that IT professionals require to efficiently monitor network systems. However, SNMP is not be suitable for the emerging(More)
Service provision in low power network environments remains a very difficult task due to the lightweight nature of the devices involved. This paper explores and demonstrates the efficacy of the light weight resource allocation protocol (LRAP) in allocating services in a heterogeneous network environment consisting of primarily low power nodes. We show that(More)
Cloud computing is growing at a rapid rate and through this growth empowering industries and entrepreneurs to provide services and products to users at a level that can compete with even the largest players in their particular industry. This is achieved through large distributed reliable and redundant networked hardware. While this has solved the problem of(More)
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