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Fire-resistant geopolymer produced by granulated blast furnace slag
This paper describes research into the use of granulated blast furnace slag as an active filler in the making of geopolymers. During this work it was found that geopolymer setting time correlatesExpand
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Effects SiO2/Na2O molar ratio on mechanical properties and the microstructure of nano-SiO2 metakaolin-based geopolymers
Abstract An alkali-activating solution plays an important role in dissolving Si and Al atoms to form geopolymer precursors and aluminosilicate material. This study explores the effects of the SiO 2Expand
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The particle detachment process in flotation
Experimental measurements of particle-bubble detachment forces by means of a novel vibration technique provide a more realistic analogue of the conditions in a flotation cell than the centrifugeExpand
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A study of synthetic forsterite refractory materials using waste serpentine cutting
Abstract There are more than 40 serpentine mines in Taiwan, and most of them are located in Hualien (Eastern Taiwan). Almost all the serpentine dimension stones produced from these mines areExpand
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Production of glass–ceramics from incinerator ash using lab-scale and pilot-scale thermal plasma systems
Abstract This research employed two thermal plasma melting systems and vitrification technology to treat incinerator ash. The melted slag was used for the production of glass–ceramics via powderExpand
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Effects of yarn constitutions and fabric specifications on electrical properties of hybrid woven fabrics
Abstract This paper reports a fabrication method for conductive open-end friction core-spun yarn (OFCY), which, as described, are constructed from open-end friction spun yarn (OFSY) and coreExpand
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Froth flotation of monazite and xenotime
Abstract The flotation of monazite and xenotime using sodium oleate as collector has been investigated using a modified Hallimond tube and also by a technique which measures particle-bubble adhesionExpand
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Effect of nano-SiO2 on the alkali-activated characteristics of metakaolin-based geopolymers
Abstract The mechanical characteristics and structural properties of the products of alkali-activated metakaolin reactions are affected by the raw material composition and the concentration of alkaliExpand
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Utilization of solar panel waste glass for metakaolinite‐based geopolymer synthesis
This study investigated the effect of solid-to-liquid ratio (0.4–1.0) on the properties of geopolymer, in which some metakaolinite was replaced by solar panel waste glass (0–40%). The experimentalExpand
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Production of glass-ceramic from incinerator fly ash
Abstract Vitrification is one of the technological options for treating toxic waste. This paper reports the results of the feasibility study of utilizing fly ash from municipal waste incinerators byExpand
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