Ta-Wei Tsao

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This document presents a security threat analysis for the Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPLs). The development builds upon previous work on routing security and adapts the assessments to the issues and constraints specific to low-power and lossy networks. A systematic approach is used in defining and evaluating the security threats.(More)
We define the reliability of a real-time system incorporating AI planning programs as the probability that, for each problem-solving request issued from the environment, the embedded system can successfully plan and execute a response within a specified real-time deadline. A methodology is developed for evaluating the reliability of such systems taking into(More)
of the processors in such a manner that if it is not optimal to assign a job to processor i then it is not optimal to make an assignment to processor i until such time as there is at least one more arrival. That is, the state cannot change to one in which it becomes optimal to assign a job to processor i simply by the departure of jobs. This is the behavior(More)
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