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Identifying core technologies and emerging technologies is essential for formulating national technology strategies and policies for pursuing technological competitive advantage. This study presents a quantitative method for identifying core technologies and emerging technologies in the Taiwan technological innovation system. The objective was to gain an(More)
This paper presents useful remarks to the readers on the Kalman filter (KF) performance optimality, degradation, and some innovation related parameters. Guidelines for efficient approach for evaluation of the KF performance optimality and sensitivity analysis are presented. Performance degradation due to uncertainty in process and measurement noise(More)
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system that provides a user with the proper equipment access to useful and accurate positioning information anywhere on the globe. The well-known Kalman filter (Gelb, 1974; Brown & Hwang, 1997; Axelrad & Brown, 1996) provides optimal (minimum mean square error) estimate of the system state(More)
Using social network analysis, this paper examines whether a network pattern of appointed directors and supervisors exists among high-tech firms based on a case of Taiwan semiconductor industry and the primary strategies of coordination and control are occurred through network relationships of directors and supervisors. Furthermore, a high-tech firm can(More)
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