Ta-Sheng Kuan

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The immune system has been recognized possesses pattern recognition ability in which the lymphocytes can learn to distinguish selves and match a variety of pathogens. Consequently, sufficient antibodies are generated to eliminate the growth of the foreign antigens. This paper describes the inspiration from the immune system and how to apply immune system(More)
The real-time traffic information estimation is an important issue for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Compared to traditional methods, the traffic information estimations from cellular network data are readily available, more cost-effective, and easier to deploy and maintain. In this paper, a vehicle speed estimation method is proposed to analyze(More)
In recent year, consumption and logistics pattern have changed with the development of economy and gradual increase of national income. Commercial vehicle operation (CVO) has been an popular application of intelligent transportation systems. The location determination of on-board unit (OBU) in car is an important issue for CVO. Therefore, his study proposes(More)
Abstract: Commercial vehicle operation (CVO) has been a popular application of intelligent transportation systems. Location determination and route tracing of an on-board unit (OBU) in a vehicle is an important capability for CVO. However, large location errors from global positioning system (GPS) receivers may occur in cities that shield GPS signals.(More)
This paper proposes an evolutionary multi-objective optimization algorithm that applies the concept of biological immune system as an alternative algorithm for solving Pareto engineering optimization problems. The optimization algorithm developed and presented in this paper uses the cycle of affinity-maturation principle in the immune system that contains(More)
This study proposes a fuel consumption estimation system and method with lower cost. On-board units can report vehicle speed, and user devices can send fuel information to a data analysis server. Then the data analysis server can use the proposed fuel consumption estimation method to estimate the fuel consumption based on driver behaviours without fuel(More)
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