Ta-Cheng Chang

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BACKGROUND Registration is a key step for computer-navigated robot-assisted surgery. Registration links the live patient anatomical location to the prescanned CT or MRI images, so that predesigned procedures can be performed accurately. Fiducial markers or mechanical probes are usually used to identify anatomical features or collect data points for(More)
Is investment cash-flow sensitivity affected by a country’s capital market imperfection? We take 42 countries as our sample and collect six imperfect capital market measures (ICAM), ie., the stock market capitalization ratio, number of publicly-listed firm, stock turnover ratio, bank loan ratio, long-term debt ratio and the interest spread. Using a two-step(More)
BACKGROUND Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is increasingly recognized as a potential cause of hip osteoarthritis. A system capable of pre-operatively simulating hip range of motion (ROM) by given surface models from either healthy or FAI diseased bone is desirable. METHODS An impingement detection system using bounding sphere hierarchies was first(More)
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