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A rare case of primary intraosseous carcinoma (PIOC) arising from an odontogenic cyst in a 58-year-old man is reported. Clinical and radiological examinations revealed an odontogenic cyst of the maxilla. Histopathologically, the lesion was composed of a cyst with a parakeratotic epithelial lining and well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, showing(More)
  • T Inagaki
  • 1993
A study was performed to assess the occurrence of senile dementia in institutions for the elderly. In a total of 747 cases examined in 1986 we diagnosed 316 (42.3%) to be suffering from dementia. The patients were subdivided by etiology into 4 categories: Vascular type (VD) 51.6%, Alzheimer type (DAT) 21.8%, Mixed type 9.2% and others 17.4%. Subsequently(More)
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