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Two separate experiments were conducted using modifications of protein A-gold immunoelectron microscopy (PAGIEM) to evaluate the ability of sera from calves vaccinated against Haemophilus somnus to bind virulent organisms (experiment I) and to detect differences in the antibody accessible antigenic sites on the outer membrane of selected strains of H.(More)
Robust topological edge modes may evolve into complex-frequency modes when a physical system becomes non-Hermitian. We show that, while having negligible forward optical extinction cross section, a conjugate pair of such complex topological edge modes in a non-Hermitian -symmetric system can give rise to an anomalous sideway scattering when they are(More)
We demonstrate theoretically the electric tunability due to the coalescence of exceptional points in PT-symmetric waveguides bounded by imperfect conductive layers. Owing to the competition effect of multimode interaction, multiple exceptional points and PT phase transitions could be attained in such a simple system, and their occurrences are strongly(More)
In Hong Kong, bacterial pathogens, the majority of them Salmonellae, cause approximately one-third of paediatric admissions for diarrhoea. This study retrospectively reviewed inpatient gastro-enteritis management, with particular focus on antibiotic use. Antibiotics are generally recommended for Salmonella gastro-enteritis in infants under 3 months of age(More)
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