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Computer-based clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) are still today not in widespread use, although there has been extensive research and development for several decades. We have, based on the literature of the last years, summarised some of the problems that may lead to low user acceptance and that should be addressed more extensive in future(More)
OBJECTIVES Not only architects but also information managers need models and modeling tools for their subject of work. Especially for supporting strategic information management in hospitals, the meta model 3LGM2 is presented as an ontological basis for modeling the comprehensive information system of a hospital (HIS). METHODS In a case study,(More)
OBJECTIVES We introduce the 3LGM(2) tool, a tool for modeling information systems, and describe the process of modeling parts of the hospital information system of the Leipzig University Hospital (UKL(a)). We modeled the sub information systems of five patient record archiving sections to support the creation of a proposal for governmental financial support(More)
OBJECTIVES For planning hospital information systems it is important to recognize the interrelation between business processes and the communication needs between supporting application systems. We therefore present an approach to model, visualize and analyze those interdependencies. METHODS The approach is based on the concepts defined in 3LGM2, a(More)
Due to its mechanical properties circonia is an interesting implantation material. However, it may contain a certain amount of radioactive isotopes. The measurement of alpha-emission reveals varying amounts of radiation. As a result, a declaration of radioactivity should be required for circonia implants and only circonia with low emission levels should be(More)
Kuttler and Shillor [EJDE vol. 2004, no. 83] show existence results for dynamic frictional contact between a viscoelastic body and a rigid foundation with Signorini conditions for normal contact forces and a nonlocal Coulomb frictional law. However, they do not establish any results regarding energy. We show that their solutions are not only dissipative,(More)
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