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The Caldanaerobacter subterraneus species includes thermophilic fermentative bacteria able to grow on carbohydrates substrates with acetate and L-alanine as the main products. In this study, comprehensive analysis of three genomes of C. subterraneus subspecies was carried in order to identify genes encoding key metabolic enzymes and to document the genomic(More)
In BTA spectra of the supernova SN 2006aj, identified with the X-ray flash (XRF) and gamma-ray burst XRF/GRB 060218/SN 2006aj, we detected details interpreted as hydrogen lines, which is a sign of stellar-wind envelope around a massive progenitor star of the gamma-ray burst. Results of modeling two early spectra obtained with the BTA in 2.55 and 3.55 days(More)
It was found that seven strains of bacteria can cause corrosion damage to aluminum, its alloys, and zinc. With respect to the studied metals, the most active bacteria were Proteus vulgaris 1212 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa 969. Superoxide anion radicals were demonstrated to play a role in the initiation of corrosive damage to aluminum and zinc, while(More)
++Clinico-psychopathological and patho-psychological methods were employed to study statically and over time the main types of reproducing recollections, ideas and correlations to the motivation and formation of tobacco dependence in 480 smokers and non-smokers. Three basic types of reproducing recollections and ideas, namely mental, image-bearing, and(More)
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