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Double-stranded RNAs (dsRNA) - larifan and ridostin, and recombinant interferons-alpha-2 and beta-1, manufactured in the USSR, inhibited the reproduction of CMV in cell culture. Antiviral effect depended on concentration of preparations, time of administration and m. o. i. DEAE-dextran enhances antiviral effect dsRNA. DsRNA and interferons added to cells(More)
The goal of this work was to compare the dynamics of mitochondrial apoptosis (MA) in cells at different stages of proliferation and with different susceptibilities to cytomegalovirus (CMV). It was found that, in quiescent human fibroblasts (HFs), this virus can regulate MA at the level of bcl-2 gene transcription in two directions by causing both pro- and(More)
The Caldanaerobacter subterraneus species includes thermophilic fermentative bacteria able to grow on carbohydrates substrates with acetate and L-alanine as the main products. In this study, comprehensive analysis of three genomes of C. subterraneus subspecies was carried in order to identify genes encoding key metabolic enzymes and to document the genomic(More)
Great differences were found in the level of 2',5'-oligoadenylate synthetase 40-46 kDa (OAS1) mRNA in relation to the proliferative state of human diploid fibroblasts at the moment of cytomegalovirus (CMV) (the strain AD169) infection. In the phase of synthesis of cellular cycle DNA (S), CMV induced OAS1 mRNA transcription by 10-100 times stronger than then(More)
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection development and mRNA fas transcription levels (CD95) in resting (GO) and proliferating (S-phase) human lung embryo fibroblasts (HLEF-110044 line) were studied. In GO cells accumulation of infectious CMV was high and cell death was very quick, and fas gene expression was inhibited in early period of infection. In cells(More)
The studies showed that the effect of cycloheximide on reproduction of the virus of Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) depended on the time of the antibiotic administration. When the antibiotic was added 3--5 hours after the inoculation (after formation of the virus RNA-polymerase), accumulation of virus RNA and 60--100 S virus structures was observed in(More)
27 patients with relapsing and giant urticaria accompanied by multiple general respiratory viral infection and herpetism were studied during acute and remittent steps as compared with 13 healthy volunteers. 10 patients were treated with reaferon. Elevated rates of circulating interferon and interferon-dependent enzymes as well as a decreased ability of(More)