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The secretory glycoproteins synthesized by hepatoma tissue culture (HTC) cells were resolved by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of media from cells that were grown in the presence of [(3)H]fucose. These cells synthesize and secrete a complex set of fucose-containing glycoproteins. These secretory glycoproteins are distinct from those(More)
HTC cell variants chosen for their lack of tyrosine aminotransferase (EC (TAT) induction by glucocorticoids were tested for interrelated effects on other glucocorticoid responses: TAT induction by dibutyryl cyclic AMP (dBcAMP) +/- dexamethasone, glutamine synthetase (GS) induction, cyclic nucleotide phosphodieterase (PDE) suppression, inhibition of(More)
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