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A large portion of the world's phosphate reserves are sedimentary type containing appreciable amounts of carbonate minerals. These are the most difficult type of deposits to beneficiate. The depletion of other reserves easier to beneficiate, necessitates research to find methods of mineral processing for carbonate rich sedimentary phosphate deposits. In(More)
There is an appreciable amount of carbonaceous sedimentary phosphate deposits in the northern Africa and the Middle East which are expected to gain importance in the near future because of the depletion of the deposits in Florida. In many of the regions where phosphate deposits are found there is a shortage of fresh water, and sea is not very far. The use(More)
A computer program is developed for the wet phosphoric acid process using Saudi phosphate ore. The program concentrates on the heart of the process that is the acidulation crystallization step. The key parameters of the program are obtained from micropilot plant continuous experiments performed at our laboratory using different types of Saudi phosphate ores(More)
A detailed investigation of two phosphate rock acidulation modes has been carried out in batch acidulators. The classical dihydrate process rate is affected by the coating of the rock particle by gypsum. The clean phosphoric acid process using phosphoric acid as an acidulation agent does not suffer from this inhibitory coating effect, however it is affected(More)
The deposition of paraffin waxes in crude oils and petroleum products causes severe problems in pipelining and storage. These and other problems are described by many researchers (Shock et ale [1], EnDean[2], Newberry[3f, AI-Ahmad et all [4] and Sifferman[5]. Determination of the solubility temperatures of paraffin waxes in crude oils and petroleum products(More)
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