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The introduction of a constructivist orientation to family therapy has promoted a reconceptualization of the therapeutic use of self. The multiply-engaged therapist is seen as positioned within rather than as acting upon a system. Such a therapist facilitates change through participation in, and active engagement with, each system member's perceptions and(More)
In an increasing number of application domains, dispatching components are responsible for delivering upcalls to one or more application objects when events or requests arrive in a system. Implementing efficient, predictable, and scalable dispatching components is hard and implementing them for multi-threaded systems is even harder. In particular,(More)
Appropriate and e cient representations of domains, objects, and scenes are an important issue in the elds of geometric modelling, numerical simulation, and visualization. Though various techniques have been developed and are successfully used as singlepurpose solutions, there is still some lack of comprehensive approaches that allow to base modelling,(More)
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