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A Computational Guide to Physics of Eclipsing Binaries. I. Demonstrations and Perspectives
PHOEBE (PHysics Of Eclipsing BinariEs) is a modeling package for eclipsing binary stars, built on top of the widely used WD program of Wilson & Devinney. This introductory paper gives an overview ofExpand
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An extensive library of 2500–10 500 Å synthetic spectra
We present a complete library of synthetic spectra based on Kurucz’s codes that covers the 2500–10 500 A wavelength range at resolving powers RP = 20 000, 11 500 (≡GAIA), 8500 (≡RAVE), 2000 (≡SLOAN)Expand
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The RAVE survey: constraining the local Galactic escape speed
We report new constraints on the local escape speed of our Galaxy. Expand
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The radial velocity experiment (RAVE): First data release
We present the first data release of the Radial Velocity Experiment (RAVE), an ambitious spectroscopic survey to measure radial velocities and stellar atmosphere parameters (temperature, metallicity, and surface gravity) of up to one million stars using the Six Degree Field multiobject spectrograph on the Anglo-Australian Observatory. Expand
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Local stellar kinematics from RAVE data - I. Local standard of rest
We analyze a sample of 82850 stars from the RAVE survey, with well-determined velocities and stellar parameters, to isolate a sample of 18026 high-probability thin-disc dwarfs within 600 pc of theExpand
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The RAVE survey : the Galactic escape speed and the mass of the Milky Way
We made new estimates of the Galactic escape speed at various Galactocentric radii using the latest data release of the RAdial Velocity Experiment (RAVE DR4). Compared to previous studies we have aExpand
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The mysterious eruption of V838 Mon
V838 Mon is marking one of the most mysterious stellar outbursts on record. The spectral energy distribution of the progenitor resembles an under-luminous F main sequence star (at V =1 5:6 mag), thatExpand
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Constraining the Galaxy's dark halo with RAVE stars
We use the kinematics of ∼200000 giant stars that lie within ∼1.5kpc of the plane to measure the vertical profile of mass density near the Sun. We find that the dark mass contained within theExpand
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Weighing the local dark matter with RAVE red clump stars
We determine the Galactic potential in the solar neigbourhood from RAVE observations. We select red clump stars for which accurate distances, radial velocities, and metallicities have been measured.Expand
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The Wobbly Galaxy : kinematics north and south with RAVE red-clump giants
The RAdial Velocity Experiment survey, combined with proper motions and distance estimates, can be used to study in detail stellar kinematics in the extended solar neighbourhood (solar suburb). UsingExpand
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