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The German intelligence estimates in the west, 1885–1914
Little has been known of German intelligence estimates prior to the First World War. The recent discovery of several German intelligence documents, including a classified history of German pre-warExpand
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Inventing the Schlieffen Plan
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Inventing the Schlieffen plan : German war planning, 1871-1914
1. Inventing the Schlieffen plan 2. Moltke's Ostaufmarsch, 1871-1886 3. Fortresses, spies, and crisis, 1886-1890 4. Schlieffen's war plan, 1891-1905 5. Moltke's war plan, 1906-1914 6. Excuses andExpand
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German War Planning, 1891-1914: Sources and Interpretations
The great deficiency in the discussion of German war planning prior to the Great War has been the dearth of reliable primary sources. Practically nothing was made public before the GermanExpand
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Terence Holmes Reinvents the Schlieffen Plan - Again
Every description of the Schlieffen plan has emphasized the famous march around Paris. Terence Holmes maintains they all completely missed the point and that he has discovered that Schlieffen’s realExpand
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The Schlieffen Plan Reconsidered
he history of German war planning prior to the First World War thas been dominated by the 'Schlieffen plan', which was developed in a Denkschnft (study) written in early 1906 by the recently retiredExpand
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The ‘Schlieffen Plan’ and German War Guilt
When Gerhard Ritter said that the ‘Schlieffen plan’ was the proximate cause of the First World War, his proofs were political, cultural, and moral, and he did not bother to hide his disdain forExpand
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Terence Holmes Reinvents the Schlieffen Plan
In ‘The Schlieffen Plan Reconsidered’ I contended that Schlieffen’s foremost strategic concern was that in a two-front war the German army was seriously outnumbered. For this reason Schlieffen alwaysExpand
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The Schlieffen Plan Was an Orphan
Robert Foley contends that the first antecedent of the Schlieffen plan was Schlieffen’s 1899/1900 war plan, and that Schlieffen could only execute this plan when the modern ‘armoured’ fortificationsExpand
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Moltke’s war plan, 1906–1914