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Ecological impacts of excessive water level fluctuations in stratified freshwater lakes
Abstract Water levels of lakes fluctuate naturally in response to climatic and hydrological forcing. Human over-exploitation of water resources leads to increased annual and interannual fluctuationsExpand
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Experimental study of microbial P limitation in the eastern Mediterranean
In this study we experimentally tested the hypothesis that phosphorus was the primary nutrient limiting phytoplankton and bacterial growth in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and examined the spatialExpand
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Changes to the phytoplankton assemblage of Lake Kinneret after decades of a predictable, repetitive pattern
SUMMARY 1. Phytoplankton abundance and species composition in Lake Kinneret, Israel, have been monitored at weekly or fortnightly intervals since 1969. This paper summarises the resulting 34-yearExpand
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Nature of Phosphorus Limitation in the Ultraoligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean
Phosphate addition to surface waters of the ultraoligotrophic, phosphorus-starved eastern Mediterranean in a Lagrangian experiment caused unexpected ecosystem responses. The system exhibited aExpand
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Microbial community structure and function in the Levantine Basin of the eastern Mediterranean
Abstract During May 2001 and May 2002, the structure and function of the microbial community within and outside the Cyprus quasi-stationary warm-core eddy in the Levantine Basin of the easternExpand
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Lakes Hula and Agmon: destruction and creation of wetland ecosystems in northern Israel
A portion of the former Lake Hula wetland (northern Israel) was re-flooded in spring 1994 and the physical, chemical and biological developments within the resulting new lake and wetland complexExpand
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Implementation of ecological modeling as an effective management and investigation tool: Lake Kinneret as a case study
The need for scientifically based management of lakes, as key water resources, requires the establishment of quantitative relationships between in-lake processes responsible for water quality (WQ)Expand
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Chlorophyll distribution throughout the southeastern Mediterranean in relation to the physical structure of the water mass
The spatial distribution of chlorophyll was recorded throughout the southern part of the Levantine Basin of the eastern Mediterranean and was related to patterns of the physical structure andExpand
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A numerical simulation of the role of zooplankton in C, N and P cycling in Lake Kinneret, Israel
We quantify the role of zooplankton in nutrient cycles in Lake Kinneret, Israel, using field data and a numerical model. A coupled ecological and hydrodynamic model (Dynamic Reservoir ModelExpand
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Ecological impacts of global warming and water abstraction on lakes and reservoirs due to changes in water level and related changes in salinity
According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released in September 2014, unprecedented changes in temperature and precipitation patterns have been recorded globally in recentExpand
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