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Windows for Displays of p-Divisible Groups
The starting point of this work was the classification ofp-divisible groups over a discrete valuation ring of characteristic 0 with perfect residue field of characteristicp> 3 obtained by C. BreuilExpand
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Structure and dynamics of the human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor determined by NMR spectroscopy. Loop mobility in a four-helix-bundle protein.
Recombinant 15N- and 13C-labeled human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (rh-metG-CSF) has been studied by 2D and 3D NMR using uniformly labeled protein, as well as residue-specific 15N-labeledExpand
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The Effect of a Disturbance Corridor on an Ecological Reserve
The effect of a pipeline corridor constructed through an ecological reserve in Southern California was investigated by assessing plant species composition and soil chemistry. A homogeneous plantExpand
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Purity Results for p-Divisible Groups and Abelian Schemes over Regular Bases of Mixed Characteristic
Let p be a prime. Let (R;m) be a regular local ring of mixed characteristic (0;p) and absolute index of ramication e. We provide general criteria of when each abelian scheme over SpecRnfmg extends toExpand
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Breuil's classification of $p$-divisible groups over regular local rings of arbitrary dimension
Let $k$ be a perfect field of characteristic $p \geq 3$. We classify $p$-divisible groups over regular local rings of the form $W(k)[[t_1,...,t_r,u]]/(u^e+pb_{e-1}u^{e-1}+...+pb_1u+pb_0)$, whereExpand
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Secondary structure of human granulocyte colony‐stimulating factor derived from NMR spectroscopy
Recombinant 13N‐. 13C‐labeled human granulocyte colony‐stimulating factor (rh‐metG‐CSF) has been studied by 2D and 3D NMR using uniformly labeled protein as well is residue‐specific 13N‐labeledExpand
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Rainfall Catchments Improve Survival of Container Transplants at Mojave Desert Site
D of the southwestern United States experience infrequent thunderstorms that bring large quantities of rainfall. This limits soil moisture, with favorable conditions for plant establishment typicallyExpand
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Biodiversity of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Southern California 1
Mycorrhizal fungi are a diverse group of organisms and form an integral link between plants and soil. These symbiotic fungi provide most of the soil resources to the plant in exchange for energy.Expand
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Displays and $p$-divisible groups
A comparison of logarithmic overconvergent de Rham-Witt and log-crystalline cohomology for projective smooth varieties with normal crossing divisor
This is the author accepted manuscript. The final version is available from Universita di Padova via the DOI in this record.