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Mitochondrial evidence for multiple radiations in the evolutionary history of small apes
A more complete view of the evolutionary and biogeographic history of the hylobatid family is provided, and a more solid genetic basis for the taxonomic classification of the surviving taxa is shown. Expand
Sorting out Lalos: description of new species and additional taxonomic data on megophryid frogs from northern Indochina (genus Leptolalax, Megophryidae, Anura)
Analysis of diagnostic characters in adult Leptolalax and results of molecular analysis are presented. Expand
Loss of oestrus, concealed ovulation and paternity confusion in free-ranging Hanuman langurs
This work demonstrates the capacity for paternity confusion and multiple paternity, and shows that despite a high degree of monopolization of receptive females by the dominant male, non-dominant males father a substantial proportion of offspring. Expand
Nuclear versus mitochondrial DNA: evidence for hybridization in colobine monkeys
This study provides the most comprehensive view on colobine evolution to date and emphasizes that analyses of various molecular markers, such as mobile elements and sequence data from multiple loci, are crucial to better understand evolutionary relationships and to trace hybridization events. Expand
Molecular phylogeny and evolutionary history of Southeast Asian macaques forming the M. silenus group.
Two scenarios for the evolutionary history of the extant members of the Macaca silenus group are developed, which may help explain the current geographical distribution of its members. Expand
Hormonal correlates of reproductive seasonality in wild female Hanuman langurs (Presbytis entellus)
It is suggested that in seasonally‐breeding langurs at Ramnagar, ecological conditions (rainfall, food availability, and quality) influence the onset of ovulations and timing of conceptions. Expand
Phylogeny, taxonomy, and zoogeography of the genus Gekko Laurenti, 1768 with the revalidation of G . reevesii Gray, 1831 (Sauria: Gekkonidae)
A review of the taxonomy, phylogeny, and zoogeography of all currently recognized Gekko species is provided based on morphology (including size, scalation, color, and pattern) and mitochondrial andExpand
Five new, microendemic Asian Leaf-litter Frogs (Leptolalax) from the southern Annamite mountains, Vietnam.
The Leptolalax applebyi group of Asian leaf-litter frogs currently comprises four species of particularly small-bodied (<40 mm SVL) species distributed in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and northeastern Cambodia and formally delineate and describe five of these lineages as distinct species. Expand
Pressing Problems: Distribution, Threats, and Conservation Status of the Monitor Lizards (Varanidae: Varanus spp.) of Southeast Asia and the Indo-Australian Archipelago
—We update an earlier review (Mertens 1959) of the monitor lizards of Southeast Asia and the IndoAustralian Archipelago, emphasizing the importance of this island region as a center of varanidExpand
A Helminth Immunomodulator Exploits Host Signaling Events to Regulate Cytokine Production in Macrophages
It is shown that AvCystatin exploits activation and deactivation pathways of MAP kinases to induce regulatory macrophages and highlights the utility of mathematical modeling for the elucidation of regulatory circuits of immune cells. Expand