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ISSR primer screening and preliminary evaluation of genetic diversity in wild populations of Gycyrrhiza uralensis
Fourteen efficient inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) primers were screened and optimized for detecting the genetic diversity in wild populations of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. By using theseExpand
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Precision machining of microstructures on electroless-plated NiP surface for molding glass components
Micro-cutting experiments were conducted on electroless-plated nickel phosphorous (NiP) surfaces to fabricate microstructures such as microgrooves and micropyramid arrays. Burr formation behavior andExpand
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Modeling high-temperature glass molding process by coupling heat transfer and viscous deformation analysis
Glass molding is as an effective approach to produce precision micro optical elements with complex shapes at high production efficiency. Since glass is deformed at a high temperature where theExpand
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Investigation on the viscoelasticity of optical glass in ultraprecision lens molding process
Glass molding press is an efficient manufacturing technology for ultraprecision optical elements with complex shapes. In glass molding, viscoelastic property of glass is an essential aspect thatExpand
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Person Re-identification based on nonlinear ranking with difference vectors
We propose a re-identification method that uses Nonlinear Ranking with Difference Vectors (NRDV). Expand
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Fabricating Microstructures on Glass for Microfluidic Chips by Glass Molding Process
Compared with polymer-based biochips, such as polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), glass based chips have drawn much attention due to their high transparency, chemical stability, and good biocompatibility.Expand
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Experimental study on horizontal ultrasonic electrical discharge machining
Abstract Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is usually used to machine conductive difficult-to-machine materials by pulse discharge, which can achieve high processing quality, but the machiningExpand
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Microstructure characterisation and mechanical properties of rapidly solidified Mg–Zn–Ca alloys with Ce addition
Abstract The rapidly solidified (RS) Mg–Zn–Ca based alloys with Ce addition were produced via atomising the alloy melt and subsequently splat quenching the atomised droplets on the water cooledExpand
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Development of polycrystalline Ni–P mold by heat treatment for glass microgroove forming
Abstract This paper aims at developing electroless plated nickel phosphorus (Ni–P) as a mold material for glass microgroove forming by glass molding press (GMP) method. A kind of Ni–P with excellentExpand
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