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Long-Term Vegetation Dynamics and Disturbance History of a Tsuga-Dominated Forest in New England
The post—glacial history of two adjacent sites in the Harvard Forest, a 10—ha swamp (Black Gum Swamp) and a 0.006—ha hollow in a Tsuga canadensis forest were investigated using pollen analysis to examine the long—term vegetation dynamics of the two sites resulting from environmental change, species migration, and disturbance. Expand
Post-settlement history of human land-use and vegetation dynamics of a Tsuga canadensis (hemlock) woodlot in central New England.
1. The landscape transformation of central New England resulting from deforestation (1750-1860), broad-scale agriculture (1790-1860), and extensive reforestation (1860-present) has exerted a majorExpand
Poa annua L.
Spergula arvensis L.
Lotus corniculatus L.
Eupatorium perfoliatum L.
Eragrostis minor Host