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European survey on scholarly practices and digital needs in the arts and humanities Digital Methods and Practices Observatory Working Group (DiMPO) Survey highlights EN
This report summarizes the statistical analysis of the findings of a web-based survey conducted by the Digital Methods and Practices Observatory (DiMPO), a working group under VCC2 of the DARIAH
An Ethnologist in the World of Heritage: Recognizing the Intangible Culture of Croatia
This article examines the implementation of UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. It discusses the gradual introduction of intangible culture in the Croatian
Intangible culture as heritage: Linđo, the Kolo Dance from the Dubrovnik Littoral
  • T. Zebec
  • Geography, Sociology
  • 22 October 2015
The first version of the text was written in the Croatian language as an expanded report at the International Interdisciplinary Scholarly Conference in Dubrovnik (Zebec 2013). English text went
Glagolitic priests as leaders of chain-round dances on the Island of Krk
In this article, field research into dance events on the Island of Krk is augmented with the study of that island's history and identity, as well as the relations between the church and the people
The challenges of applied folklore studies and ethnology
Pojava te pozitivna i negativna recepcija scenskog prikaza suvremenoga prostenja, i u struci i na televiziji kao javnome mediju, potaknuli su ponovna promisljanja o nacinima vrednovanja i
The author writes about the methodology of research, and about the interests and aspirations of Croatian dance researchers. He takes a critical look at the development of ethnochoreology and the
Croatian traditional dance - addition to the manual: Bajuk, Lidija "So - manual for musical culture in the 5th grade of primary school with DVD and 3 CD's"
Hrvatski tradicijski ples prvi je dio knjižice dodatak udžbeniku glazbene kulture za 5. razred osnovne skole. Spominju se osnovne karakteristike folklornih plesova, djecjih igara, brojalica, kola,
The stage is a unique public space where a number of messages are performed and produced in different ways and where social and cultural differences may be visible. Through the examples of music and