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Flame stabilization and emission of small Swiss-roll combustors as heaters
Abstract The characteristics of small Swiss-roll combustors were investigated experimentally in detail. Three types of Swiss-roll combustors of different designs and two cases of heat transferExpand
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Lower limit of weak flame in a heated channel
Abstract Stationary and non-stationary flame responses in a heated meso-scale channel were investigated both experimentally and computationally. Special attention was paid to flame stabilities,Expand
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Development and scale effects of small Swiss-roll combustors
Abstract The configuration of Swiss-roll was adopted as a promising structure for the development of sub-millimetre scale combustors. In this study, the scaling effects are investigated bothExpand
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Characteristics of rare earth (RE = Eu, Tb, Tm)-doped Y2O3 phosphors for thermometry.
The temperature-dependent photoluminescences of Y(2)O(3) : Eu (6% Eu), Y(2)O(3) : Tb (4% Tb) and Y(2)O(3) : Tm (1% Tm) were investigated for high-temperature phosphor thermometry. Two differentExpand
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Combustion Characteristics of Methane Hydrate in a Laminar Boundary Layer
This Article reports the experimental study on the dissociation and flame propagation characteristics of methane hydrate in a laminar boundary layer over a horizontal flat plate. Experiments wereExpand
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Experimental investigation of flame spreading over pure methane hydrate in a laminar boundary layer
Abstract Flame spreading over pure methane hydrate in a laminar boundary layer is investigated experimentally. The free stream velocity ( U ∞ ) was set constant at 0.4 m/s and the surface temperatureExpand
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Flame synthesis of carbon nanotubes in a wall stagnation flow
Abstract We have investigated the flame synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) using a wall stagnation flow burner, in which a rich ethylene/air premixed gas diluted by nitrogen was used as a reactantExpand
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Experimental study on combustion of a methane hydrate sphere
The combustion behavior of a methane hydrate sphere under normal gravity is experimentally investigated. The initial diameter of the sphere is 20 mm. Variation in temperature at the center of theExpand
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Fire Extinction Using Carbon Dioxide Hydrate
Clathrate hydrates formed with nonflammable gases may be suitable for use as fire extinguishing agents because the dissociation of the hydrates decreases the temperature in the flame base and theExpand
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Extinction of methane/air counterflow partially premixed flames
Abstract Flame interactions of partially premixed flames (PPFs) were experimentally and numerically studied using counterflow configurations with CH 4 /air mixtures under atmospheric condition. TheExpand
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