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A novel oleaginous yeast strain with high lipid productivity and its application to alternative biodiesel production
It was found that yeast lipids with high acid value are easily converted to biodiesel at an approximately 90% yield, and it is possible to use crude lipids as alternative raw materials for biodiesel production.
The Development of Lithocysts in the Leaves and Sepals of Justicia procumbens L.
During the development of the levels and sepals of Justicia procumbens, the formations of lithocysts, trichomes, and diacytic stomata in both adaxial and abaxial epidermises exhibited the regular
Influence of Calcium Availability on Deposition of Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Oxalate Crystals in the Idioblasts of Morus Australis Poir. Leaves
The results showed that the sizes of both lithocyst and calcium carbonate increased as the calcium concentration increased, but the distribution density of lithocysts was not affected, and that the density and size of calcium oxalate crystals decreased significantly.
Applying Environmental Management Policy for Sustainable Development of Coastal Tourism in Thailand
Coastal tourism destination is one of the fastest growing areas within the world’s largest tourism industry. In Thailand, large numbers of tourists come to coastal recreation areas, and the
Optimization on Yeast Lipid Production of Psuedozyma sp . with Response Surface Methodology for Biodiesel Manufacturing
The microbial lipid was interested to be an alternative feedstock of biodiesel production. The lipid producing condition of oleaginous yeast Psuedozyma sp. was optimized. The response surface
Influence of substrate concentration on microbial oil production by pseudozyma parantarctica CHC28 and its fatty acid characterization
Although high TUFA could lower the stability of fuel, the cultivation of P. parantarctica CHC28 under high carbon source could improve the stabilityof biodiesel.