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Densities and Viscosities of N-Formylmorpholine (NFM) + p-Xylene, + o-Xylene, + m-Xylene at Different Temperatures and Atmospheric Pressure
Densities and viscosities for N-formylmorpholine (NFM) with p-xylene, m-xylene, and o-xylene were determined over several temperatures at atmospheric pressure. The measurements were carried out overExpand
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catena-Poly[[bis(p-toluenesulfonato-κO)palladium(II)]bis(μ-1,3-di-4-pyridylpropane-κ2 N:N′)]
In the title compound, [Pd(C7H7O3S)2(C13H14N2)2]n, the metal ion, located on a twofold rotation axis, exhibits a slightly distorted octahedral coordination environment, with bond angles that deviate by at most 2.2° from an ideal geometry, completed by two O atoms from two deprotonated p-toluenesulfonic acid ligands. Expand
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Analysis of factors evident in the relation between railways and the incidence of dysentery using linear regression
Abstract Dysentery is a major infectious diseases that affects public health and the quality of life in Jiangsu Province. Since the development of the railways, the incidence of dysentery in theExpand
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Terephthalic acid–4,4′-bipyridine (2/1)
In the title compound, 2C8H6O4·C10H8N2, the 4,4′-bipyridine molecule is located on an inversion centre. Expand
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Fat Boy Can't Fly
2 Acknowledgement 3 Table of Content 4 1. Inspiration 5 2. Preproduction 7 2.1. Story Development 7 2.2. Concept Design 9 3. Production 11 3.1. 3D production 11 3.1.1. Model 11 3.1.2. Animation 12Expand
Study on heredity and selection of spring millet quantitative characters in dry area
Seven quantitative characters of the 19 spring millet varieties in dry area showed high broad sense heritability, its genetic variation coefficient of variability were great in the spike length,Expand
Dirac-Point Solitons in Nonlinear Optical Lattices
The discovery of a new type of solitons occuring in periodic systems without photonic bandgaps is reported. Solitons are nonlinear self-trapped wave packets. They have been extensively studied inExpand