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C-fos expression in the rat brain after intraperitoneal injection of lithium chloride.
The distribution of evoked expression of the proto-oncogene c-fos was immunohistochemically examined in the rat brain after intraperitoneal injection of isotonic LiCl, which is commonly used toExpand
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Effects of pulse methylprednisolone on bone and marrow tissues: corticosteroid-induced osteonecrosis in rabbits.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of pulse methylprednisolone acetate on bone and bone marrow tissues and to clarify the causal factors of corticosteroid-induced osteonecrosis (ON) by using anExpand
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Subchondral insufficiency fracture of the femoral head: a differential diagnosis in acute onset of coxarthrosis in the elderly.
OBJECTIVE To document subchondral insufficiency fracture (SIF) of the femoral head and investigate its frequency. METHODS The study was based on a retrospective review of 464 removed femoral headsExpand
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Taste responses of cortical neurons in freely ingesting rats.
1. Activities of 35 taste-responsive neurons in the cortical gustatory area were recorded with chronically implanted fine wires in freely ingesting Wistar rats. Quantitative analyses were performedExpand
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Electrical properties of the epidermal stratum corneum.
The electrical properties of the epidermal stratum corneum were investigated by cellulose adhesive tape stripping. The distribution function of the relaxation times on the impedance locus of stratumExpand
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The role of subchondral insufficiency fracture in rapid destruction of the hip joint: a preliminary report.
OBJECTIVE The pathophysiology of rapidly destructive arthrosis of the hip joint (RDA) is unknown. The purpose of this study was to document cases of subchondral insufficiency fracture of the femoralExpand
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Anatomical localization revealed by MEG recordings of the human somatosensory system.
A 14-channel cryogenic magnetometer system (BTi) was used to record the magnetic fields over the left hemisphere of 3 human subjects in order to locate the sources of responses to tactile stimulationExpand
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Some critical factors involved in formation of conditioned taste aversion to sodium chloride in rats.
Some factors concerning acquisition and retention of conditioned taste aversions (CTAs) were behaviorally examined in the rat. In the CTA paradigm, aqueous solution of 0.1 M NaCl was used as theExpand
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Bilaterally synchronous complex spike Purkinje cell activity in the mammalian cerebellum
Complex spike activity was simultaneously recorded from 96 Purkinje cells in the rat cerebellar cortex. Rostrocaudal complex spike synchronicity bands were studied in crus I, IIa and IIb and inExpand
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Corticosteroid Enhances the Experimental Induction of Osteonecrosis in Rabbits With Shwartzman Reaction
Bacterial endotoxic reactions can cause osteonecrosis in humans by disseminated intravascular coagulation. The authors first used a combination of the Shwartzman reaction and corticoid injections inExpand
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