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Soil respiration in Siberian Taiga ecosystems with different histories of forest fire
Abstract Soil respiration includes soil microbial respiration, soil fauna respiration, and plant root respiration, therefore it reflects the biological activity of the soil ecosystems. The SiberianExpand
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Evaluation of exercise capacity using submaximal exercise at a constant work rate in patients with cardiovascular disease.
BACKGROUND Symptom-limited incremental exercise tests are used to estimate the severity of cardiovascular disease and the patient's daily activity. However, there is a need for objective parametersExpand
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Anaerobic metabolism as an indicator of aerobic function during exercise in cardiac patients.
To determine whether patients with heart disease depend more than normal subjects on anaerobic metabolism to perform the same level of exercise, the anaerobic threshold, slope of the increase inExpand
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Structure and composition of riparian forests with special reference to geomorphic site conditions along the Tokachi River, northern Japan
The structure and composition of riparian forests were examined along the Tokachi River, northern Japan. Both the hydrogeomorphic gradient and the temporal gradient were analyzed in attempt toExpand
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Phylogenetic analysis of Japanese Armillaria based on the intergenic spacer (IGS) sequences of their ribosomal DNA
Summary To determine the phylogenetic positions of two new species, Armillaria jezoensis and Armillaria singula, and one new subspecies, Armillaria mellea suhsp. nipponica, the nucleotideExpand
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Relationship between intraspecific variations and host insects of Ophiocordyceps nutans collected in Japan
To investigate the host specificity of Ophiocordyceps nutans against hemipteran insects in the wild, we determined the relationship between host species and rDNA-internal transcribed spacer (ITS)Expand
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Oxygen uptake kinetics are determined by cardiac function at onset of exercise rather than peak exercise in patients with prior myocardial infarction.
BACKGROUND Resting cardiac function does not necessarily affect exercise capacity. However, to determine whether it affects early dynamics of oxygen uptake (VO2) during exercise, we measured VO2Expand
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Mechanism of periodic breathing in patients with cardiovascular disease.
Although periodic breathing consisting of alternating hyperpnea and hypopnea has been recognized in heart failure patients, its mechanism has not been clarified. We hypothesized that heart failureExpand
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Mycorrhizal associations in woody plant species at the Mt. Usu volcano, Japan
We investigated the association between ectomycorrhizal (ECM) and arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi and pioneer woody plant species in areas devastated by the eruption of Mt. Usu, Japan, in 2000. WeExpand
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