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Pollution control technologies for the treatment of palm oil mill effluent (POME) through end-of-pipe processes.
Palm oil production is one of the major industries in Malaysia and this country ranks one of the largest productions in the world. In Malaysia, the total production of crude palm oil in 2008 wasExpand
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Sustainability of using composting and vermicomposting technologies for organic solid waste biotransformation: recent overview, greenhouse gases emissions and economic analysis
Organic solid waste poses a serious threat to the environment as the world struggles to keep up with its rapid generation. Biological waste treatment technologies such as composting andExpand
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Nitrous oxide fluxes from corn fields: on‐farm assessment of the amount and timing of nitrogen fertilizer
Nitrogen fertilization is considered as an important source of atmospheric N2O emission. A seven site-year on-farm field experiment was conducted at Ottawa and Guelph, ON and Saint-Valentin, QC,Expand
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A holistic approach to managing palm oil mill effluent (POME): biotechnological advances in the sustainable reuse of POME.
During the last century, a great deal of research and development as well as applications has been devoted to waste. These include waste minimization and treatment, the environmental assessment ofExpand
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Utilization of plant-based natural coagulants as future alternatives towards sustainable water clarification.
Rapid industrial developments coupled with surging population growth have complicated issues dealing with water scarcity as the quest for clean and sanitized water intensifies globally. ExistingExpand
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Recent Advancement of Coagulation–Flocculation and Its Application in Wastewater Treatment
Increasing environmental awareness coupled with more stringent regulation standards has triggered various industries to challenge themselves in seeking appropriate wastewater treatment technologies.Expand
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A review of sustainable hydrogen production using seed sludge via dark fermentation
In recent years, the production of hydrogen (H2) via dark fermentation has become increasingly popular because it is a sustainable approach to produce clean energy. This review presents an overviewExpand
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Palm oil mill effluent (POME) treatment and bioresources recovery using ultrafiltration membrane: Effect of pressure on membrane fouling
An attempt was made to examine the effect of applied pressure on membrane fouling that might influence the potential use of ultrafiltration (UF) membrane in treating as well as recovering theExpand
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Optimization of agro-industrial wastewater treatment using unmodified rice starch as a natural coagulant.
Abstract There have been increasing interests on the use of organic starch derivative coagulants such as cationic starch in coagulation-flocculation process due to environment and health concernsExpand
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