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A niche maintaining germ line stem cells in the Drosophila ovary.
It is shown that anterior ovariolar somatic cells comprising three cell types act as a germ line stem cell niche, and the ability to repopulate the niche increases the functional lifetime of o varioles in vivo. Expand
Stem cell niche: structure and function.
  • Linheng Li, T. Xie
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of cell and developmental biology
  • 7 October 2005
A comparative summary of the differences and commonalities of different stem cell niches in Drosophila ovary/testis and Caenorhabditis elegans distal tip as well as in mammalian bone marrow, skin/hair follicle, intestine, brain, and testis is compared. Expand
decapentaplegic Is Essential for the Maintenance and Division of Germline Stem Cells in the Drosophila Ovary
It is shown that the BMP2/4 homolog decapentaplegic (dpp) is specifically required to maintain female germline stem cells and promote their division and helps define a niche that controls germlinestem cell proliferation. Expand
Bmp signals from niche cells directly repress transcription of a differentiation-promoting gene, bag of marbles, in germline stem cells in the Drosophila ovary
It is demonstrated that Bmp signals maintain the undifferentiated or self-renewal state of G SCs, and directly repress bam expression in GSCs by functioning as short-range signals, demonstrating that niche signals directly repressed differentiation-promoting genes in stem cells in order to maintain stem cell self-Renewal. Expand
Gbb/Bmp signaling is essential for maintaining germline stem cells and for repressing bam transcription in the Drosophila testis
It is demonstrated that Bmp signals from the somatic cells maintain GSCs, at least in part, by repressing bam expression in the Drosophila testis. Expand
Notch signaling controls germline stem cell niche formation in the Drosophila ovary
It is shown that Notch signaling controls formation and maintenance of the GSC niche and that cap cells help determine the niche size in the Drosophila ovary, and that caps help determine niche size and function. Expand
Germline Stem Cells Anchored by Adherens Junctions in the Drosophila Ovary Niches
It is demonstrated that anchorage of GSCs in their niche by DE-cadherin–mediated adhesion is important for stem cell maintenance and function. Expand
wingless signaling regulates the maintenance of ovarian somatic stem cells in Drosophila
Wingless (Wg) signaling is reported to be essential for SSC maintenance in the Drosophila ovary and that its constitutive signaling influences follicle cell proliferation and differentiation. Expand
Dcr-1 Maintains Drosophila Ovarian Stem Cells
The results show that dcr-1 mutant GSCs cannot be maintained and are lost rapidly from the niche without discernable features of cell death, indicating that DCr-1 controls GSC self-renewal but not survival. Expand
Molecular mechanisms of germline stem cell regulation.
This review summarizes recent progress and discusses conserved mechanisms underlying GSC self-renewal and differentiation by comparing three GSC systems to help define fundamental principles of stem cell regulation and provide further guidance for future studies of other adult stem cells. Expand