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Decoupled Estimation of 2-D Angles of Arrival Using Two Parallel Uniform Linear Arrays
A new polynomial root-finding-based method for two-dimensional (2-D) angles of arrival (AOAs) estimation is proposed, which uses two parallel uniform linear arrays. The method takes the specialExpand
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Statistical BSIM model for MOSFET 1/f noise
A statistical model for MOSFET 1/f noise implemented as an extension to BSIM and integrated into a process design kit is presented. Excellent model to hardware correlation is shown on measured noiseExpand
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2-D DOAs estimation in impulsive noise environments using joint diagonalization fractional lower-order spatio-temporal matrices
A novel joint diagonalization fractional lower-order spatio-temporal (ST) moments DOA matrix method is proposed to estimate the 2-D DOAs of uncorrelated narrowband signals in the presence ofExpand
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Joint diagonalization DOA matrix method
A novel joint diagonalization (DOA) matrix method is proposed to estimate the two-dimensional (2-D) DOAs of uncorrelated narrowband signals. The method constructs three subarrays by exploiting theExpand
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Displacement , Velocity , and Acceleration of Seated Operators in a Whole Body Vibration Environment using Optical Motion Capture Systems
Whole body vibration (WBV) is traditionally monitored using accelerometry, but optical motion analysis techniques may provide a means to investigate both vibration exposure and kinmatic joint motionsExpand
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Nonlinear Analysis and Intelligent Control of Integrated Vehicle Dynamics
With increasing and more stringent requirements for advanced vehicle integration, including vehicle dynamics and control, traditional control and optimization strategies may not qualify for manyExpand
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2-D Angle-of-Arrival Estimation with Two Parallel Uniform Linear Arrays
This paper proposes a novel estimator for two dimensional angles of arrival of multiple narrowband sources using two parallel uniform linear arrays (ULAs). Unlike the previous DOA matrix method, itExpand
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A Decoupling Estimation of Two-Dimensional Direction of Arrival for Noncircular Signals
Most existing two dimensional (2-d) direction of arrival (DOA) estimation methods are based on circular signal model. Little effort has been spent in developing 2-d DOA estimation for noncircularExpand
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Phase noise suppression for OFDM system with sparse constraint
One major disadvantage of OFDM is its high sensitivity to phase noise introduced by local oscillators. Although several algorithms have been addressed in the literature to mitigate the effects ofExpand
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A New Algorithm for FOA and 2-D AOA Estimation
In this paper, a new algorithm for frequency of arrival (FOA) and two dimensional (2-D) angles of arrival (AOAs) signal parameters estimation is proposed, which is based on two parallel uniformExpand