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Electrospinning and Electrospun Nanofibers: Methods, Materials, and Applications.
Electrospinning is a versatile and viable technique for generating ultrathin fibers. Remarkable progress has been made with regard to the development of electrospinning methods and engineering ofExpand
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Studies of the Drug Permeability and Mechanical Properties of Free Films Prepared by Cellulose Acetate Pseudolatex Coating System
Free films produced with cellulose acetate (CA) pseudolatex were prepared by the casting method. The effects of plasticizer concentration, drying temperature, and drying time on drug permeability andExpand
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Effect of calcination temperatures and precipitant on the catalytic performance of Au/ZnO catalysts for CO oxidation at ambient temperature and in humid circumstances
Abstract Various Au/ZnO catalysts have been prepared by a coprecipitation method and have been tested for CO oxidation at ambient temperature and in the presence of water in the feed stream. It wasExpand
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Solid dispersion of berberine hydrochloride and Eudragit® S100: Formulation, physicochemical characterization and cytotoxicity evaluation
Abstract The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate the berberine hydrochloride (HB) - Eudragit S100 solid dispersion to prolong the drug release by exploiting its pH-sensitivityExpand
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A BODIPY-based fluorescent dye for mitochondria in living cells, with low cytotoxicity and high photostability.
  • Si Zhang, T. Wu, +7 authors X. Peng
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Organic & biomolecular chemistry
  • 28 January 2013
A BODIPY-based dye, OBEP, has been developed to act as a mitochondrial fluorescence probe. This dye is of high stability, low toxicity and insensitive in a pH range as wide as pH 2-10. Its uptakeExpand
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A novel fluorescent sensor for detection of highly reactive oxygen species, and for imaging such endogenous hROS in the mitochondria of living cells.
A new dye, PTZ-Cy2, based on a hybrid cyanine–phenothiazine platform, is described. Oxidation by highly reactive oxygen species (hROS) involves attack at the thiazine sulfur atom and destruction ofExpand
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Ratiometric detection of viscosity using a two-photon fluorescent sensor.
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Formulation Optimization Technique Based on Artificial Neural Network in Salbutamol Sulfate Osmotic Pump Tablets
The aim of this study was to develop a formulation optimization technique in which an artificial neural network (ANN) was incorporated; 30 kinds of salbutamol sulfate osmotic pump tablets wereExpand
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RNA-mediated synthesis of palladium nanoparticles on Au surfaces.
RNA catalysts for the shape-controlled synthesis of Pd particles from the precursor complex trisdibenzylideneacetone dipalladium ([Pd2(DBA)3] were recently discovered in our laboratory (J. Am. Chem.Expand
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Highly selective light scattering imaging of chromium (III) in living cells with silver nanoparticles
In this contribution, we present a highly selective chromium ion (Cr3+)-induced aggregation of citrate-capped silver nanoparticles, which could be applied for the imaging of the distribution of Cr3+Expand
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