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Disinfection of eyelid speculums for retinopathy of prematurity examination.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of 70% isopropyl alcohol swabs in disinfecting eyelid speculums after examination for retinopathy of prematurity. METHODS Two phases. Phase 1: 46Expand
Quality and Pleasure in Latin Poetry
Prologue 1. Venusta sirmio: Catullus 31 Francis Cairns 2. Vivida vis: Polemic and pathos in Lucretius 1. 62-101 E. J. Kennedy 3. A version of pastoral: Virgil, Eclogue 4 Gordon Williams 4. ScilicetExpand
Creative imitation and Latin literature
Prologue 1. De imitatione D. A. Russell 2. Plavtvs vortit barbare: Plautus, Bacchides 526-61 and Menander, Dis exapaton 102-12 David Bain 3. From Polyphemus to Corydon: Virgil, Eclogue 2 and theExpand