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Occurrence Trends of SU-Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Paddy Fields in Korea
National Academy of Agricultural Science and eight province Agricultural Research & Extension Services investigated the occurring area of herbicide resistant weeds in paddy field of Korea. In orderExpand
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Effects of Compressed Expansion Rice Hull Application and Drip Irrigation on the Alleviation of Salt Accumulation in the Plastic Film House Soil
This study was carried out to improve chemical properties of salt-accumulated plastic film house soil. Compressed expansion rice hull was applied at 0, 2.5, 5.0, , and drip irrigation was initiatedExpand
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Variable effects of biochar application to soils on nitrification-mediated N2O emissions.
Although a meta-analysis on biochar's effects on N2O emission reported an overall reduction in N2O emission by adding biochar to the soils, there are still variations in the changes in N2O emission,Expand
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Effects of Mixed Organic Fertilizer Application with Rice Cultivation on Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Paddy Field
This study was carried out to investigate optimum application rate with mixed organic fertilizer for chemical fertilizer alternative where the paddy rice (Chucheong) was cultivated in clay loam ofExpand
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Physiological basis for antagonism induced by mixtures of quizalofop‐ethyl and bromoxynil in maize (Zea mays)
Summary In this study, the physiological basis for antagonism induced by mixtures of quizalofop-ethyl and bromoxynil was investigated in maize seedlings. In sequential applications, antagonism wasExpand
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‘Chamdream’, A Medium-Late Maturing and Good Eating-Quality Rice Cultivar Highly Suitable for Growing in the Gyeonggido Province, South Korea
Chamdream’ is a medium-late maturing, high-quality rice cultivar developed in 2014 by the crop breeding team of Crop Research Division, GARES, Hwaseong, Korea, in cooperation with the rice breedingExpand
Effects of PAA (Polyaspartic Acid) Contained Complex Fertilizer on Rice Growth and CH 4 emission from Rice Cultivation
This study was carried out to investigate the effects of the complex fertilizers containing polyaspartic acid (PAA) on growth and emission in rice field and optimum application rate of the fertilizerExpand
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An Early Maturing and Low Amylose Rice Variety ‘Gawagi1’ Adaptable to the Northern Regions of Gyeonggido Province, South Korea
Gawagi1’ is an early maturing, low amylose rice variety with a medium to short culm, developed by Gyeonggi-Do Agricultural Research & Extension Services, Hwaseong, Korea in 2016. ‘Gawagi1’ wasExpand
New Estimates of CH 4 Emission Scaling Factors by Amount of Rice Straw Applied from Korea Paddy Fields
BACKGROUND: Accurate estimates of total direct emissions from croplands on a country scale are important for global budgets of anthropogenic sources of emissions and for the development of effectiveExpand
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