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Asian tourism and the retreat of anglo-western centrism in tourism theory
In both its focus and conception, much of the research on tourism remains Anglo-Western centric. The ongoing growth of Non-Western forms of travel, most notably in Asia, renders this situationExpand
Post‐conflict Heritage and Tourism in Cambodia: The Burden of Angkor
The World Heritage Site of Angkor is enduring one of the most crucial, turbulent periods in its 1200‐year history. Since the early 1990s over 20 countries have contributed millions of dollars to helpExpand
Rethinking tourism in Asia
Abstract Recent years have witnessed a seemingly relentless surge in the movement of tourists “of Asian origin”. It is confidently predicted that over the coming decades Asia will have one of theExpand
Clarifying the critical in critical heritage studies
This paper considers the term critical in the unfolding formulation of critical heritage studies. It argues for a shift in emphasis from the subject of our effort to the object of attention, in otherExpand
Heritage studies and the privileging of theory
Heritage studies is yet to have a debate about its theorisation at the global level. Many of the core ideas that shape the field are rooted in the contexts of Europe and the USA and geographicallyExpand
Heritage diplomacy
This paper explores the concept of heritage diplomacy. To date much of the analysis regarding the politics of heritage has focused on contestation, dissonance and conflict. Heritage diplomacy seeksExpand
Beyond Eurocentrism? Heritage conservation and the politics of difference
There is a long-standing debate concerning the suitability of European or ‘western’ approaches to the conservation of cultural heritage in other parts of world. The Cultural Charter for AfricaExpand
Post-Conflict Heritage, Postcolonial Tourism: Culture, Politics and Development at Angkor
1. From a Time of Conflict to Conflicting Times 2. 'Lost Civilization' to Free-Market Commerce: the Modern Social Life of Angkor 3. World Heritage Angkor 4. Remapping Angkor from Landscape toExpand
Angkor Meets Tomb Raider : setting the scene
The World Heritage Site of Angkor, in Cambodia, is currently one of Asia's fastest growing tourist destinations. In response to this new era, Angkor's management authorities are actively attemptingExpand