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Identifying discriminating variables between teachers who fully integrate computers and teachers with limited integration
We present a comprehensive summary of teacher characteristics and variables that best discriminate between teachers who integrate computers and those who do not. Expand
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Examining the link between nonsuicidal self-injury and suicidal behavior: a review of the literature and an integrated model.
Self-injurious behaviors (SIB) refer to behaviors that cause direct and deliberate harm to oneself, including nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI), suicidal behaviors, and suicide. Although in recentExpand
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A short-term longitudinal study of Internet and computer game use by adolescent boys and girls: prevalence, frequency of use, and psychosocial predictors.
Prevalence, frequency, and psychosocial predictors of Internet and computer game use were assessed with 803 male and 788 female adolescents across 2 time periods, 21 months apart. At Time 1,Expand
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The effect of violent video games on aggression: Is it more than just the violence?☆
Experimental research has shown that playing violent video games produces higher levels of aggressive cognition, aggressive affect, physiological arousal, and aggressive behavior (in the short-term)Expand
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Breadth and Intensity of Youth Activity Involvement as Contexts for Positive Development
Research has linked youth activity involvement to positive development. However, past studies have confounded at least two separable dimensions of involvement: breadth (number of activities) andExpand
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The Effect of Video Game Competition and Violence on Aggressive Behavior: Which Characteristic Has the Greatest Influence?
Objective: This study is the first to our knowledge to isolate the effect of video game violence and competitiveness on aggressive behavior. Method: In Pilot Study 1, a violent and nonviolent videoExpand
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A Longitudinal Examination of the Bidirectional Associations Among Perceived Parenting Behaviors, Adolescent Disclosure and Problem Behavior Across the High School Years
This longitudinal study investigated the importance of parental monitoring to the deterrence of adolescent problem behavior by examining bidirectional associations among perceived parentalExpand
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A longitudinal examination of breadth and intensity of youth activity involvement and successful development.
Connections between youth activity involvement and indicators of successful development were examined in a longitudinal high school sample. Drawing on theories of expertise skill development (e.g.,Expand
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More Than Just Fun and Games: The Longitudinal Relationships Between Strategic Video Games, Self-Reported Problem Solving Skills, and Academic Grades
Some researchers have proposed that video games possess good learning principles and may promote problem solving skills. Empirical research regarding this relationship, however, is limited. The goalExpand
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The Role of Spirituality Versus Religiosity in Adolescent Psychosocial Adjustment
This study investigated the interaction between religiosity (defined as church attendance) and spirituality (defined as personal beliefs in God or a higher power) on psychosocial adjustment. FourExpand
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