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Importance of heterocylic aromatic compounds in monitored natural attenuation for coal tar contaminated aquifers: A review.
NSO heterocycles (HET) are typical constituents of coal tars. However, HET are not yet routinely monitored, although HET are relatively toxic coal tar constituents. The main objectives of the studyExpand
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Lipoxygenase-mediated formation of hydrocarbons and unsaturated aldehydes in freshwater diatoms
Abstract Upon initiation of lipoxygenase reactions one group of freshwater diatoms synthesized unsaturated acyclic and alicyclic hydrocarbons (ectocarpene, dictyopterenes and fucoserratene); anotherExpand
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Effect of acute hypercapnia on diaphragmatic and limb muscle contractility.
The purpose of this study was to determine whether acute hypercapnia depresses limb muscle and diaphragmatic contractility. Twelve subjects breathed 8% CO2 for 20 min on two separate occasions. OnExpand
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Integral quantification of contaminant mass flow rates in a contaminated aquifer: conditioning of the numerical inversion of concentration-time series.
A series of integral pumping tests (IPTs) has been conducted at a former gasworks site to quantify the contaminant mass flow rates and average concentration in groundwater along three control planesExpand
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Excretion of heptadecene-1 into lake water by swarms of Polyphemus pediculus (Crustacea)
1. In the littoral zone of a mesotrophic freshwater lake (Lake Selent, Northern Germany) much higher concentrations of heptadecene-1 were found within a swarm of Polyphemus pediculus than in lakeExpand
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L1 adaptive control augmentation system for the X-48B Aircraft
The recently developed L1 adaptive control methodology addresses this issue by providing a systematic framework for the design of nonlinear adaptive control laws with guaranteed, analytically provable, bounded away from zero, time-delay margins using the L1 framework. Expand
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Teamwork Coordination in a Distributed Software Development Environment
We introduce an approach which supports (technical) workflow management as well as (social) group communication during the development process. Expand
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Integrale Quantifizierung von Schadstoffmassenflüssen im Grundwasser – Konditionierung der numerischen Inversion der Konzentrationsganglinien von Immissionspumpversuchen
KurzfassungAuf dem Gelände eines ehemaligen Gaswerks (Testfeld Süd) wurden Immissionspumpversuche (IPVs) zur Quantifizierung der Fracht und der mittleren Konzentration gaswerkstypischer SchadstoffeExpand
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Robustness validation of two harmonized European leaching tests for assessment of the leaching of construction products, including waste-based construction materials
Two leaching tests, a tank leaching test (TS-2) and a percolation test (TS-3), developed by CEN/TC 351 for use in assessing environmental properties in relation to CE marking of constructionExpand
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