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A Novel Method for Improving Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna Performance
Herein, a new method for improving the directivity and bandwidth of the antipodal Vivaldi antenna structure is presented. The method is based on introducing a parasitic elliptical patch in the flareExpand
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A 2.45 GHz Phased Array Antenna Unit Cell Fabricated Using 3-D Multi-Layer Direct Digital Manufacturing
This paper reports on the design, fabrication and characterization of a 3-D printed RF front end for a 2.45 GHz phased array unit cell. The printed unit cell, which includes a circularly-polarizedExpand
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Miniaturized Wilkinson power dividers utilizing capacitive loading
The authors report the miniaturization of a planar Wilkinson power divider by capacitive loading of the quarter wave transmission lines employed in conventional Wilkinson power dividers. Reduction ofExpand
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A Compact Reverberation Chamber for Hyper-Rayleigh Channel Emulation
We present the design of a compact, reconfigurable channel emulator (CRCE) specifically designed to create Ricean, Rayleigh and hyper-Rayleigh fading environments in a repeatable manner. Expand
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Single and double folded-slot antennas on semi-infinite substrates
Design guidelines are presented for single and double folded-slot (DFS) antennas on a dielectric half-space. The DFS antenna consists of two folded-slot elements which are separated by aExpand
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Characterization and Modeling of K-Band Coplanar Waveguides Digitally Manufactured Using Pulsed Picosecond Laser Machining of Thick-Film Conductive Paste
Microdispensing of thick-film conductive paste has been demonstrated as a viable approach for manufacturing microwave planar transmission lines. However, the performance and upper frequency range ofExpand
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Development of Novel 3-D Cube Antennas for Compact Wireless Sensor Nodes
3-D antennas for narrow band, wireless sensor node applications are described herein. The antennas were designed on the surface of a cube which makes available the cube interior for sensorExpand
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Design and modeling of 4-bit slow-wave MEMS phase shifters
A true-time-delay multibit microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) phase-shifter topology based on impedance-matched slow-wave coplanar-waveguide sections on a 500-mum-thick quartz substrate isExpand
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Three-dimensional high-frequency distribution networks. I. Optimization of CPW discontinuities
This paper describes a systematic study of coplanar waveguide discontinuities that are requisite components of high-frequency distribution networks. The specific geometries addressed are air bridges,Expand
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Multimaterial and Multilayer Direct Digital Manufacturing of 3-D Structural Microwave Electronics
This paper presents the current state of DDM technology, fundamental research into the electrical and mechanical properties of as-printed structures, and novel 3-D printed structures operating from C-band through Ku-band. Expand
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