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Sister relationship of the Neoephemeridae and Caenidae (Ephemeroptera: Pannota)
A consistent structural characteristic has been found to be unique to the mayfly families Neoephemeridae and Caenidae. It is termed a sutural ommation and is present on the adult mesonotum. TheExpand
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Redescription And Reclassification Of The South American Mayfly Melanemerella Brasiliana (Ephemeroptera: Leptophlebiidae)
Study of the type specimen indicates that the mayfly Melanemerella brasiliana from Brazil (known only from the holotype female adult) does not belong to the family Ephemerellidae or Tricorythidae,Expand
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New Diagnostic Characters For The Mayfly Family Baetidae (Ephemeroptera)
Two newly discovered universal characteristics are proposed to distinguish larvae of the family Baetidae (Ephemeroptera) from those of all other families of mayflies. These include the orientation ofExpand
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Privacy considerations when predicting mental health using social media
In recent years the number of individuals struggling with mental illness has increased, and traditional mental health services are now considered insufficient under the current circumstances whichExpand
Stability of sodium bicarbonate injection 8.4% in syringes over a six-week period in refrigerated temperature
Background Dysfunctional central venous catheter prohibits the administration of potential life-saving chemotherapy and the delivery of essential supportive care needs to patients. Sodium bicarbonateExpand