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A Novel Deep Learning-Based Method of Improving Coding Efficiency from the Decoder-End for HEVC
Improving the coding efficiency is the eternal theme in video coding field. Expand
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Load Balancing Task Scheduling Based on Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing
A new scheduling algorithm based on double-fitness adaptive algorithm-job spanning time and load balancing genetic algorithm(JLGA) is established. Expand
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Combining user preferences and user opinions for accurate recommendation
We propose a novel recommendation algorithm based on the characteristics of online reviews to extract effectively the opinion of the user from a customer review written in Chinese. Expand
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Evaluation of Operational Reliability of a Microgrid Using a Short-Term Outage Model
Island-capable microgrids can potentially improve customer reliability, but protection-related issues can adversely affect this reliability benefit. At the same time, average annualized indices oftenExpand
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Robust Online Model Predictive Control for a Constrained Image-Based Visual Servoing
This paper presents an online image-based visual servoing (IBVS) controller for a 6-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) robotic system based on the robust model predictive control (RMPC) method. Expand
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LincSNP: a database of linking disease-associated SNPs to human large intergenic non-coding RNAs
We developed LincSNP, an integrated database, to identify and annotate disease-associated SNPs in human lincRNAs. Expand
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Optimal abort landing trajectories in the presence of windshear
This paper is concerned with optimal flight trajectories in the presence of windshear. The abort landing problem is considered with reference to flight in a vertical plane. It is assumed that, uponExpand
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The Multi-Scale Deep Decoder for the Standard HEVC Bitstreams
This paper mainly studies how to answer this question by proposing a novel Multi-Scale Deep Decoder (MSDD) for HEVC that achieves a higher coding efficiency only at the decoder-end without changing any encoding algorithms. Expand
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CPG Control for Biped Hopping Robot in Unpredictable Environment
A CPG control mechanism is proposed for hopping motion control of biped robot in unpredictable environment. Based on analysis of robot motion and biological observation of animal’s control mechanism,Expand
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Optimal take-off trajectories in the presence of windshear
This paper is concerned with optimal flight trajectories in the presence of windshear. With particular reference to take-off, eight fundamental optimization problems [Problems (P1)–(P8)] areExpand
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