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The comparative physiology of food deprivation: from feast to famine.
The ability of animals to survive food deprivation is clearly of considerable survival value. Unsurprisingly, therefore, all animals exhibit adaptive biochemical and physiological responses to theExpand
Does oxygen limit thermal tolerance in arthropods? A critical review of current evidence
Over the last decade, numerous studies have investigated the role of oxygen in setting thermal tolerance in aquatic animals, and there has been particular focus on arthropods. Arthropods comprise oneExpand
Some like it hot: Thermal tolerance and oxygen supply capacity in two eurythermal crustaceans
Thermal sensitivity of the cardiorespiratory oxygen supply capacity has been proposed as the cardinal link underlying the upper boundary of the temperature niche in aquatic ectotherms. Here weExpand
Silver nanoparticles and silver nitrate cause respiratory stress in Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis).
Silver nanoparticles are utilised in an increasing amount of products, and discharge to the aquatic environment is inevitable. Fish gills are in direct contact with the ambient water, making themExpand
The Effects of Fasting Duration on the Metabolic Response to Feeding in Python molurus: An Evaluation of the Energetic Costs Associated with Gastrointestinal Growth and Upregulation
The oxygen uptake of Python molurus increases enormously following feeding, and the elevated metabolism coincides with rapid growth of the gastrointestinal organs. There are opposing views regardingExpand
Oxygen delivery does not limit thermal tolerance in a tropical eurythermal crustacean
In aquatic environments, rising water temperatures reduce water oxygen content while increasing oxygen demand, leading several authors to propose cardiorespiratory oxygen transport capacity as theExpand
Anaemia only causes a small reduction in the upper critical temperature of sea bass: is oxygen delivery the limiting factor for tolerance of acute warming in fishes?
To address how the capacity for oxygen transport influences tolerance of acute warming in fishes, we investigated whether a reduction in haematocrit, by means of intra-peritoneal injection of theExpand
Superparamagnetic iron oxide polyacrylic acid coated γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles do not affect kidney function but cause acute effect on the cardiovascular function in healthy mice.
This study describes the distribution of intravenously injected polyacrylic acid (PAA) coated γ-Fe(2)O(3) NPs (10 mg kg(-1)) at the organ, cellular and subcellular levels in healthy BALB/cJ mice andExpand
Identifying the Evolutionary Building Blocks of the Cardiac Conduction System
The endothermic state of mammals and birds requires high heart rates to accommodate the high rates of oxygen consumption. These high heart rates are driven by very similar conduction systemsExpand
Cardiorespiratory Effects of Forced Activity and Digestion in Toads
Digestion and physical activity are associated with large and sometimes opposite changes in several physiological parameters. Gastric acid secretion during digestion causes increased levels of plasmaExpand