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Gene–gene synergistic effect on atopic asthma: tumour necrosis factor‐α‐308 and lymphotoxin‐α‐NcoI in Taiwan's children
Background Asthma is now known to be an inflammatory response caused by the release of inflammatory mediators and cytokines. Tumour necrosis factor (TNF) is a potent cytokine in the inflammationExpand
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Association of interferon‐γ and interferon regulatory factor 1 polymorphisms with asthma in a family‐based association study in Taiwan
  • T. Wang, Y-T Chu, +4 authors Y.-C. Ko
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  • Clinical and experimental allergy : journal of…
  • 1 September 2006
Background Asthma is a multi‐factorial disorder caused by complex interactions between genetic and environmental factors. IFN‐γ and IFN regulatory factor 1 (IRF‐1) affect Th1/Th2 cytokine balance,Expand
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Association between indoor and outdoor air pollution and adolescent asthma from 1995 to 1996 in Taiwan.
The study aim was to estimate the contribution of indoor and outdoor air pollution to the 1-year prevalence of adolescent asthma after personal susceptibility and other potential risk factors wereExpand
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Segregation analysis of asthma: recessive major gene component for asthma in relation to history of atopic diseases.
Although asthma has a significant heritable component, the mode of inheritance remains controversial because of the complexity of the disease and the influence of environmental factors. SegregationExpand
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The polymorphisms of Eotaxin 1 and CCR3 genes influence on serum IgE, Eotaxin levels and mild asthmatic children in Taiwan
Background:  Asthma is a complex disorder, which is known to be affected by interactions between genetic and environmental factors. The human Eotaxin 1 and CCR3 attract eosinophils andExpand
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The synergistic effects of the IL‐9 gene and environmental exposures on asthmatic Taiwanese families as determined by the transmission/disequilibrium test
Asthma occurs in genetically susceptible individuals in the presence of environmental factors. The interleukin‐9 (IL‐9) gene, one of the cytokine genes located on chromosome 5q31, plays an importantExpand
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The Polymorphisms of C‐Reactive Protein Gene Modify the Association Between Central Obesity and Lung Function in Taiwan Asthmatics
High‐sensitivity C‐reactive protein (hs‐CRP) concentrations and obesity are proposed to have a significant relationship with impairment of lung function, but little has been reported to date on theExpand
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Role of gender disparity of circulating high‐sensitivity C‐reactive protein concentrations and obesity on asthma in Taiwan
Background Several studies have suggested that the association between obesity and asthma may be stronger in females than in males, but the reason is still unclear.
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Familial Risk of Asthma Among Adolescents and Their Relatives in Taiwan
Although family studies have established that asthma has a hereditary basis, little evidence has been presented about the family risk of simple asthma (AS or nonatopic asthma) and asthma with otherExpand
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[Standardized incidence ratios for cancers in Taiwan aborigines, 1981-1987].
Standardized incidence ratios (SIR) of malignant neoplasms in Taiwanese Aborigines were analyzed. In all, 995 cases of cancers had been reported in 30 Taiwanese Aboriginal communities between 1981Expand
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