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Volcanic eruptions following M ≥ 9 megathrust earthquakes: Implications for the Sumatra-Andaman volcanoes
Two volcanic eruptions in the Sumatra-Andaman arc that followed the disastrous M 9.3 earthquake of 26 December 2004 raise the question of whether these eruptions were triggered by the earthquake.
Volcanic activity influenced by tectonic earthquakes: Static and dynamic stress triggering at Mt. Merapi
Mt. Merapi is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Indonesia, located within the tectonically active region of south‐central Java. This study investigates how Mt. Merapi affected ‐ and was affected
Gradual caldera collapse at Bárdarbunga volcano, Iceland, regulated by lateral magma outflow
It is concluded that interaction between the pressure exerted by the subsiding reservoir roof and the physical properties of the subsurface flow path explain the gradual near-exponential decline of both the collapse rate and the intensity of the 180-day-long eruption of the Bárdarbunga volcano.
Formation of caldera periphery faults: an experimental study
Changing stresses in multi-stage caldera volcanoes were simulated in scaled analogue experiments aiming to reconstruct the mechanism(s) associated with caldera formation and the corresponding zones
Feedback processes between magmatic events and flank movement at Mount Etna (Italy) during the 2002-2003 eruption
[1] The 2002–2003 Mount Etna eruption and the associated deformation provide a unique possibility to study the relationships between volcanism and volcano instability. The sequence started with
Complex hazard cascade culminating in the Anak Krakatau sector collapse
The authors show that Anak Krakatau exhibited an elevated state of activity several months prior to the collapse, including precursory thermal anomalies, an increase in the island’s surface area, and a gradual seaward motion of the southwestern flank.
The effects of flank collapses on volcano plumbing systems
The growth of large volcanoes is commonly interrupted by episodes of flank collapse that may be accompanied by catastrophic debris avalanches, explosive eruptions, and tsunamis. El Hierro, the