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The role of a palliative care service family conference in the management of the patient with advanced cancer
Communication between patient/family and the professional medical team is a priority for a service working with advanced cancer. Family conferences including all those persons involved in theExpand
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Quality review of outpatient psychopharmacological practice with APA Task Force criteria.
The authors conducted quality review of outpatient psychopharmacological practice in 180 cases with the screening criteria of the APA Task Force on Psychopharmacological Criteria Development and aExpand
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Processing and integration of copper interconnects
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CVD diamond-coated fibres
Abstract Diamond-coated fibres have been fabricated using hot filament chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and tested for mechanical stiffness. The fibres coated include small (
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Quantitative Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction (CBED) is now established as a means of accurate loworder structure factor determination. Using energy-filtered zone-axis CBED patterns it has beenExpand
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Tunnel ionization of atoms and molecules in an intense CO2 laser field
We review tunnel ionization of atoms and molecules by an intense CO2 laser. Newest recent results and calculation are also presented concerning dissociative tunnel ionization of diatomic molecules.
Theoretical and experimental high energy physics
This report discusses the following topics: The Soudan enterprise; study of strange quarks at Fermilab; direct photons at Fermilab; the Brookhaven programs; AMY and CLEO: studies of e{sup +}e{supExpand