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Sources and distributions of tetraether lipids in surface sediments across a large river-dominated continental margin
Glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraether (GDGT)-based proxies are increasingly used in modern carbon cycling and palaeoenvironmental investigations. It is therefore crucial to examine the robustnessExpand
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Wettability and Contaminability of Insect Wings as a Function of Their Surface Sculptures
Abstract The wing surfaces of 97 insect species from virtually all relevant major groups were examined by high resolution scanning-electron-microscopy, in order to identify the relationships betweenExpand
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NOx production by lightning estimated with GOME
Abstract Nitrogen oxides (NO + NO 2 =NO x ) are important trace gases in the troposphere with impact on human health, climate and atmospheric chemistry, e.g. through their role in ozone production.Expand
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Redox sensitivity of P cycling during marine black shale formation: Dynamics of sulfidic and anoxic, non-sulfidic bottom waters
Abstract A high-resolution geochemical record of a 120 cm black shale interval deposited during the Coniacian–Santonian Oceanic Anoxic Event 3 (ODP Leg 207, Site 1261, Demerara Rise) has beenExpand
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Estimate of nitrogen oxide emissions from shipping by satellite remote sensing
[1] In recent years, the role of ship emissions has attracted increasing attention. Recent inventories estimate that they contribute significantly to anthropogenic emissions of nitrogen oxides, withExpand
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Spatial and temporal distribution of enhanced boundary layer BrO concentrations measured by the GOME instrument aboard ERS‐2
The temporal and spatial distribution of enhanced boundary layer BrO concentrations in both hemispheres during 1997 is presented using observations of the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME) onExpand
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Around the world in 17 days - hemispheric-scale transport of forest fire smoke from Russia in May 2003
Abstract. In May 2003, severe forest fires in southeast Russia resulted in smoke plumes extending widely across the Northern Hemisphere. This study combines satellite data from a variety of platformsExpand
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Late Cretaceous to early Quaternary organic sedimentation in the eastern Equatorial Atlantic
Abstract Reconstructing the long-term evolution of organic sedimentation in the eastern Equatorial Atlantic (ODP Leg 159) provides information about the history of the climate/ocean system, sedimentExpand
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Simultaneous global observations of glyoxal and formaldehyde from space
[1] The first global simultaneous observations of glyoxal (CHOCHO) and formaldehyde (HCHO) columns retrieved from measurements by the Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for AtmosphericExpand
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Satellite chartography of atmospheric methane from SCIAMACHY on board ENVISAT: Analysis of the years 2003 and 2004
The UV/Vis/near infrared spectrometer SCIAMACHY on board the European ENVISAT satellite enables total column retrieval of atmospheric methane with high sensitivity to the lower troposphere. TheExpand
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