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Parafibromin, Galectin-3, PGP9.5, Ki67, and Cyclin D1: Using an Immunohistochemical Panel to Aid in the Diagnosis of Parathyroid Cancer
BackgroundParathyroid cancer is rare. Differentiating parathyroid carcinoma from degenerative changes at histopathology can be difficult and studies investigating the value of singleExpand
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Ultrasound scan-guided core sampling for diagnosis versus freehand FNAC of the thyroid gland.
BACKGROUND AND AIM Freehand fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is an obligatory investigation of the thyroid nodule. Between 5.0-43.1% of FNAC samples are reported as being initiallyExpand
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Ectopic Pheochromocytoma: Does the Rule of Tens Apply?
In the above-mentioned article, published in World Journal of Surgery volume 31/number 4, pp 849–854, 2007, the figure captions were mis-labeled. Below please find the correct captions: Figure 1.Expand
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Administration of ATG according to the absolute T lymphocyte count during therapy for steroid-resistant rejection
In renal transplantation, treatment of steroid-resistant rejection (SRR) with antithymocyte globulin (ATG) has been widely reported but over-immunosuppression remains a common problem. In the firstExpand
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DNA ploidy and cell cycle distribution of breast cancer aspirate cells measured by image cytometry and analyzed by artificial neural networks for their prognostic significance
We have examined the use of an artificial neural network to predict: 1) subclinical metastatic disease in the regional lymph nodes and 2) histological assessment, through the analysis of data obtained by image cytometric techniques of fine needle aspirates of breast tumors. Expand
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How shall we manage the incidentally found thyroid nodule?
Thyroid incidentalomas are commonly found on cross-sectional imaging of the neck and they are equally likely to be malignant as palpable thyroid nodules. Guidelines on their management areExpand
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Primary squamous cell carcinoma of the thyroid gland: a case report and role of radiotherapy.
Primary squamous cell carcinoma is an extremely rare tumour of the thyroid gland. A case of an elderly lady who was diagnosed to have primary squamous cell carcinoma of the thyroid gland is presentedExpand
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Ultrasound guidance improves the adequacy of our preoperative thyroid cytology but not its accuracy
Aims:  Our thyroid cytology audit results of 1990–1995 showed an unsatisfactory rate of 43.1% and prediction of neoplasia with a sensitivity of 86.8%. Increasingly, ultrasound scan (USS)‐guided coreExpand
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Treatment of right hepatic artery injury by percutaneous embolisation
dyspnoea or hypotension. The patient began treatment with mecillinam 7 days before the start of these symptoms. Mecillinam and Venoferrum were discontinued and the patient recovered fully within 2Expand
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