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Oligonucleotide-stabilized Ag nanocluster fluorophores.
Single-stranded oligonucleotides stabilize highly fluorescent Ag nanoclusters, with emission colors tunable via DNA sequence. We utilized DNA microarrays to optimize these scaffold sequences forExpand
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Strongly emissive individual DNA-encapsulated Ag nanoclusters as single-molecule fluorophores
The water-soluble, near-IR-emitting DNA-encapsulated silver nanocluster presented herein exhibits extremely bright and photostable emission on the single-molecule and bulk levels. The photophysicsExpand
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Bandgap opening in oxygen plasma-treated graphene.
We report a change in the semimetallic nature of single-layer graphene after exposure to oxygen plasma. The resulting transition from semimetallic to semiconducting behavior appears to depend on theExpand
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Revealing competitive Förster-type resonance energy-transfer pathways in single bichromophoric molecules
We demonstrate measurements of the efficiency of competing Förster-type energy-transfer pathways in single bichromophoric systems by monitoring simultaneously the fluorescence intensity, fluorescenceExpand
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Probing Förster Type Energy Pathways in a First Generation Rigid Dendrimer Bearing Two Perylene Imide Chromophores
Ensemble and single molecule spectroscopic measurements on a bichromophoric dendrimer system were performed. Although Forster type energy processes such as energy hopping and singlet−singletExpand
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Intramolecular energy hopping and energy trapping in polyphenylene dendrimers with multiple peryleneimide donor chromophores and a terryleneimide acceptor trap chromophore.
Intramolecular Förster-type excitation energy transfer (FRET) processes in a series of first-generation polyphenylene dendrimers substituted with spatially well-separated peryleneimide chromophoresExpand
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The rylene colorant family--tailored nanoemitters for photonics research and applications.
This Review summarizes the latest advances in the field of rylene dyes and rylene nanoemitters for applications in photonics, and describes the influence of the dye design on the optical properties,Expand
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Rapid detection of microRNA by a silver nanocluster DNA probe.
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are regulatory small RNAs that have important roles in numerous developmental, metabolic, and disease processes of plants and animals. The individual levels of miRNAs can be usefulExpand
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Design aspects of bright red emissive silver nanoclusters/DNA probes for microRNA detection.
The influence of the nucleic acid secondary structure on the fast (1 h) formation of bright red emissive silver nanoclusters (AgNCs) in a DNA sequence (DNA-12nt-RED-160), designed for the detectionExpand
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Probing Photophysical Processes in Individual Multichromophoric Dendrimers by Single-Molecule Spectroscopy
Individual multichromophoric dendrimer molecules, bearing eight perylenecarboximide chromophores at the rim, immobilized in a thin polyvinylbutyral (PVB) film were studied by far-field fluorescenceExpand
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