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Effects of Synchronizing the Rate of Dietary Energy and Nitrogen Release on Ruminal Fermentation, Microbial Protein Synthesis, Blood Urea Nitrogen and Nutrient Digestibility in Beef Cattle
The results of this research indicate that synchronizing the rate of degradation of dietary energy and nitrogen release improves ruminal fermentation, microbial protein synthesis and feed utilization. Expand
Detection of bovine leukocyte antigen DRB3 alleles as candidate markers for clinical mastitis resistance in Holstein x Zebu.
It was shown that most alleles associated with high clinical mastitis occurrence were related to increased milk yield, and allele DRB3*10 had the greatest effect on increasing milk yield with moderate resistance toclinical mastitis, which could be used as a potential marker for selection in dairy genetic evaluation. Expand
In Sacco Degradation Characteristics of Protein Feed Sources in Brahman-Thai Native Crossbred Steers
The nutritive value of six protein feed sources were determined using the nylon bag technique in rumen fistulated Brahman-Thai native crossbred steers. The steers were fed 0.5% BW of concentrate andExpand
Effects of Sericin Supplementation on the Sperm Survival of Cooled Stored Chicken Semen
Silkworm (Bombyxmori) protein, sericin, is water soluble protein, known as an effective antioxidant and antimicrobial. The present study was conducted to determine the effect of sericin on quality ofExpand
Superstimulation of Follicular Growth in Thai Native Heifers by a Single Administration of Follicle Stimulating Hormone Dissolved in Polyvinylpyrrolidone
It was demonstrated that a single i.m. injection of 100 mg FSHp was the most effective dose for superstimulation of follicular growth in Thai native heifers under the experimental conditions in this study. Expand
Pretreatment of in vitro matured bovine oocytes with docetaxel before vitrification: Effects on cytoskeleton integrity and developmental ability after warming.
Preincubation of IVM bovine oocytes with 0.05 μM docetaxel for 30 min before vitrification was effective at preventing CSF damage during vitrification, and improving oocyte viability after warming and subsequent cleavage and blastocyst formation after IVF. Expand
Insulin-like growth factor I gene polymorphism associated with growth and carcass traits in Thai synthetic chickens.
It is concluded that IGF-I can be used as a marker gene for the selection of growth and carcass traits of synthetic chickens in a marker-assisted selection program. Expand
Effects of Environmental Factors, Ages and Breeds on Semen Characteristics in Thai Indigenous Chickens: A One-year Study
The result of the present study indicates that the sperm production and semen quality of captive Thai native cocks were not influenced by environmental factors, breeds and ages. Expand
Comparison of Effects of Different Antioxidants Supplemented to Long-term Extender on Boar Semen Quality Following Storage at 17ºC
The addition of 1 mM dose of glutathione can be recommended as an alternative component of boar semen extender for long-term cool storage. Expand
Effects of Addition of Reduced Glutathione to Thawing media on Motility Parameters , Lipid Peroxidation and Fertility Rate in Frozen-Thawed Chicken Spermatozoa
Sperm cryopreservation represents a useful tool in genetic conservation management of indigenous in chicken. However, freezing and thawing produce physical and chemical stress on the sperm membraneExpand